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There are some reasons why it’s important to visit your local dentist regularly. Dentists have studied teeth as a profession and know exactly how to help you keep your teeth clean. Many dentists do routine check-ups twice a year for their patients. These check-ups are critical for your overall oral health. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to attend all of these check-ups.


Clean teeth

We all know that it’s normal for people to brush their teeth and floss regularly. But the way dentists clean our teeth is much more in-depth. Dental specialists can get into areas that we would never be able to reach on our owns. They also have the tools at hand to clean your teeth of plaque and other foods that have been stuck in your teeth for days!

Checking for cavities

Cavities are considered to be the viruses of our mouths. It’s important to visit our dentist regularly so they can check to make sure our mouths are healthy and cavity free. Think about it, if you never visit the dentist, how will you know if you have a cavity? The worst part about it is that the cavities get worse and worse if they are not treated. In the case that you do have cavities, the dentist will be able to schedule you a new appointment to get it removed or take extra time for you to get it removed right away.


The dental specialist doesn’t do this at every appointment, but once every couple of years they will take Xrays of your mouth. This is important to make sure that your teeth are straight and don’t require any real attention. This is also necessary to make sure your wisdom teeth are not going to be intruding your teeth space. If the dentists see anything wrong with your mouth, they will be aware of this through the Xray and will be able to refer you over to either an orthodontist to get you set up with braces or a wisdom teeth specialist to get your wisdom teeth removed.


You will take fluoride at every dental appointment you go to. Flouride is extremely helpful is rejuvenating your mouth and making everything about it fresh again. They dentists will usually pick and your teeth with their tools, cleaning it and polishing them with toothpaste. At the very end, the dentist will always give you fluoride to rinse around in your mouth so you can get rid of any germs and different things to make your mouth 100% healthy again. The process usually takes about a minute before you rinse all the fluoride out of your mouth with water.

Free stuff

The best part about visiting the dentist is they replenish all your supplies for cleaning your teeth. Sometimes they give you a free toothbrush, free floss (or superfluous if you have braces) and all types of different things. It feels like they are giving you a loot bag right after attending a birthday party. The only downfall to this is that there are rarely any cool toys or any types of candy. It’s all real stuff to help you maintain your overall oral health.

Usually, after dental appointments, the dentist will advise you not to eat or drink anything for at least 30 minutes. This is because you need to give time for the fluoride to fully kick in and do its job. If you eat anything or drink anything, it could interfere with the fluoride.

At the end of the day, we need to keep our teeth, gums, and mouths in general as healthy as possible and visiting the dentist regularly sets us up to do just that!